Power monitoring on-the-go.


Festival Grid is a modular framework for real-time evaluation of energy consumption at cultural events and festivals using low-cost hardware elements and open-source software. By collecting real-time measurements of all consumer compartments of an event we want to raise awareness for the ecological impact of such events. We want to support organizers by providing detailed statistics and real-time regulation to make their events climate-neutral. At the event, we want to show visitors how much energy the respective offers consume. The aim is to bring about a rethinking of the event culture and to support a development towards climate-neutral events.


The development of the Festival Grid prototype has been supported Prototype Fund, a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Online Demo

Check out a demo instance of Festival Grid at https://demo.festivalgrid.org (login: demo/demo). The database gets reset every hour, so feel free to play around.

Getting started


Festival Grid is alpha software! We are running it successfully in some production setups, though… :)

To start monitoring power consumption you need a basic software setup and some hardware. See getting started.

See page index or the Index for a full list of documentation topics.


Festival Grid is open source. We invite you to hack along! The source code is available at https://gitlab.mohnfeldmedia.de/festivalgrid. For more information about how the sources are organized check the documentation:

Contact us

If you have questions, suggestions or bug reports, please write us via email at mail@festivalgrid.org.

Festival Grid is built on these wonderful open source projects
Python Django Django REST Framework PostgreSQL InfluxDB Mosquitto
Grafana Leaflet Tabulator Cordova Tasmota